Meridian is a cross-cultural, non-governmental and non-commercial organization, based in Beijing. We launch and develop a variety of innovative projects and activities, which aim at stimulating, channelling and promoting the creativity of people from all over the world.

Through our publications, and the events and workshops we host and organise at Meridian Space, we gather creative, talented people from China and elsewhere, and present them with platforms helping them disclose their works to a worldwide audience.

Enjoy your visit, and feel free to get in touch!

More about us...

Space: 23.8: PlusOne Improv Show

PlusOne has been putting on bilingual improv shows in Beijing for the past three years with a multi-talented group of players each with the ability to bring something different onto the stage. Expect high energy and spontaneous laughter, while leaving a little bit of room for the new and exciting.

Space: Nosferatu Night @ Meridian Space

Next Sunday night, be prepared for volume III – ever an evil and unlucky number – of our “Herzog/Kinski” cinema series, with some Transylvanian action: “Nosferatu the Vampyre“, followed by “Woyzeck“. And in case vampyres and disturbed German soldiers aren’t enough for you, vegan chef Laura is back with a wicked menu specially concocted for the occasion!

Space: Performance: The Leftover Monologues

The Leftover Monologues is directed by Roseann Lake, a Beijing-based journalist and the author of a forthcoming book about love and Chinese leftover women, which will be released in the US and in China in 2015.

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