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Beijing 2014. Your throat hurts. Eyes are watering. A furry taste on your tongue. “Your body is adjusting to the pollution” is what expats would tell you. Everyone checks AQI on his mobile phone. Five times a day. It is the formula people in Beijing learn to live with.To avoid symptoms, some go as far as buying filter masks. A trade-off between threats to human health vs threats to human looks. You decide for yourself.

The selection of the title of the series is associating buyers and users of face masks with HIV diseased individuals, who are buying drugs in order to survive.The photographer leaves it to the individual observer to decide, whether buying and wearing filter masks in Beijing is a survival strategy, or an exaggerated hysteria of expats and new rich Chinese.
(The pictures were produced in Beijing/China between April and October 2014.)

Personal exhibition open to the public

Photographer: Robert Helgerth
Models: Susanne models – Beijing
Makeup artist: greta @ tictac salon
Post production: bob.strobel
Location: Meridian Space
Time: from 25th, April to 2nd, May

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