PlusOne was founded in 2011 as a fresh and dynamic bilingual improv troupe, and have regularly put on shows in Beijing, as well as being featured in improv festivals and performances in Hong Kong, Manila, and Shanghai.

The multi-talented and diverse cast feed off the energy of each other as well as the audience, and bring something new and exciting every time they step out into the lights. Improvised performances challenge the creativity and imagination of every actor, and it is by answering these challenges that PlusOne is able to create those special moments on stage.

Come and watch the reinvention of PlusOne in their very first show at Meridian Space!

When? Saturday, August 26th, 8:00PM.
Where? Meridian Space
Price? 50 RMB (w/ 10 RMB drink voucher)

An improv performance is audience driven, so don’t hesitate to YELL OUT your suggestions!

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