Meridian and Nadading Proudly Present…
Stories From The Crowd
An interactive, crowdsourced series of performance art

You thought the Meridian Club was about speakers
telling you the stories of their lives?
Think again!


This July, Meridian joins forces with Nadading, a young and dynamic theatrical troupe based in Beijing, to bring you “Stories From The Crowd” — a series of theatrical plays based on true stories… including your own.

Each play is centered on real stories based on a theme. We will collect these stories (anonymously) from you, o friends. Some of your bits of human experience will be handpicked by our partner thespians from Nadading, seamlessly woven into a play, and then reenacted before your very eyes!

Our goal is to create a participative art event, based on your unique personal experiences. We’ve chosen themes that are universal to stimulate your memories (while avoiding banality!). Be prepared for an evening of light-hearted yet poignant entertainment. Seeing your own experience on a stage might be more humorous than you expect!

Once upon a time, the famous Qing Dynasty writer Pu Songling used to offer free green pea soup to passersby on the street in exchange for their uncanny stories. He collected them into the five hundred supernatural tales that we now know as The Strange Tales of Liaozhai. We think that reality can be stranger than ghost stories — so give us a taste of your own!


1. “Time / Travel – As I Lay Jet-Lagged”
Travel speed keeps increasing, but so does the time we spend in planes, trains and automobiles. As biology struggles to keep pace with technology, long-distance travel occasionally brings about the most bizarre situations…

2. “The Golden Age (…Or So They Call It)”
As we reminisce about our magical, carefree childhood years, we may shed a tear of nostalgia… Or do we? At times, growing up is more a bed of thorns than one of rosy petals.

3. “Beijing Cabbies: The Good, the Bad and the Uglies”
Do they serve the people or do they gouge the people? Of course, they perform daily the astonishing feat of navigating an ever-changing city. But have you ever been taken on a city tour, unknown to you until you see the fare? They are often an inexhaustible source of wisdom and humor — just don’t catch them on an bad day…

4. “OK Computer – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Machine”
For better or worse, our lives are shaped by “electric brains,” as they call them here. Sure, laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones and infrared coffee-making lawnmowers come in handy — but when a Windows crash causes you to lose a whole afternoon of work, doesn’t it just feel like the Luddites had a point?


E-mail us ([email protected]) or fill in the form at the bottom of that page.

If your story is selected to be a part of our play, you will get a free ticket to the show!


– Send us as many stories as you wish, along any of the above themes — as long as they are real!
– The themes are merely simple starting points for your recollection — don’t feel constrained by them.
– Submit your stories in English or in Chinese, as the show will be bilingual.


All ticket sales are used to cover the costs of venue and equipment rental, rehearsing, and future events.

About Nadading

NadadingNadading is a dynamic and trailblazing theatrical troupe based in Beijing. Specializing in comedy and mime, Nadading relies on a blend of technique, improvisation and strong interaction with the audience to provide unforgettable theatrical performances. Through humour and strong reliance on body language, the Nadading performers excel at revealing the subtle layers of melancholy that may lie within the moments of greatest exhilaration. By collaborating with various musicians and curators, Nadading creates shows that bridge and transcend cultures and artistic disciplines.

Please visit to learn more, and follow them on Weibo: @拿大顶剧社

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