This week, a new film series is starting at the Meridian Cinema Club – Great Collaborations: Herzog/Kinski“! To celebrate, we challenged a talented chef, Laura Fanelli, to design an exclusive dinner set in accompaniment to our first screening…

Join us this Sunday for a unique cinematic experience, involving Spanish conquistadores, crazy German actors, and Peruvian gastronomy!


SUN. JULY 20th – 6pm

Aguirre, the Wrath of God
(Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes – W. Herzog, 1972 – 90 min)

Great Collaborations: Herzog/Kinski – I

In which Klaus Kinski gives a towering performance as Lope de Aguirre, a Spanish soldier leading a band of conquistadores down the Amazon River in search of the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. A minimalist story and dialogue, full of stunning shots of the Peruvian rainforest and featuring a haunting score by krautrock band Popol Vuh, which garnered widespread critical acclaim and developed a large international cult following — it remains one of Herzog’s best known films, and even influenced Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.


On the occasion of this first screening of our new series, the Meridian Cinema Club challenged vegan chef Laura Fanelli (of Wudaoying “Veggie Table” fame) to create a menu inspired by Aguirre… and she took up the gauntlet! Following the projection, twenty lucky gourmands will be able to enjoy an exclusive dinner set, including seasonal ingredients popular in Peru and the Amazon region. Vegetarian monkey brains possibly included!


– • MENU • –
“El Dorado” Dinner Set

Starter (Spain):
‘Tis the season for tomatoes! Imagine you are a Spanish conquistador. You are out for blood or gold or your mama’s gazpacho!

Main (Peru):
Enjoy a typical Peruvian vegetarian dish! Ocopa-style papas a la vegana: seasonal New World inspired vegetables with herb sauce served over a sumptuous cashew-studded mixed quinoa and rice pilaf.

Salad (Fusion):
Blueberries, arugula, and sprinkles of the south served with a classic vinaigrette.

Dessert (Amazon):
Tapioca, coconut, and passionfruit in sweet delight.

Surprise bonus:  An unrevealed incredible vegan edible!

Served with fresh baked bread and cooling herbal tea


Laura Fanelli is a creative chef and restauranteur who introduced international vegan cuisine to Beijing and helped pioneer the capital’s organic movement when it was just beginning to take root.


Three-course meal + special cocktail, 120 RMB.
Only 20 seats available! If you’re interested, please book online HERE or drop by Meridian Space — before Friday 18th, 11am.

People only hungry for spiritual nourishment can also participate: 50 RMB cover charge, including a special Mad Conquistador cocktail.

Time: Sunday July 20, 6pm – late
– 6 to 7.30pm: Screening of Aguirre, the Wrath of God
(German, English + Chinese subtitles)
– 7.30pm till late: Laura’s special “El Dorado” dinner set + drinks
Venue: Meridian Space – C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng
Price: 120 RMB (incl. dinner set + drinks) / 50 RMB (incl. one cocktail)

“Great Collaborations: Herzog / Kinski”

Throughout July and August, Meridian Space will be screening “Great Collaborations: Herzog/Kinski,” a series of films showcasing the fruitful — and explosive — partnerships between celebrated director Werner Herzog, and actor Klaus Kinski, enfant terrible of the twentieth-century German cinema.

In Herzog’s films, Kinski plays driven, passionate characters pursuing impossible dreams, who often end up losing their mind. The relationship between the actor and the director was equally volatile: arguments, violent clashes and even death threats abounded — the fact that Kinski might have been clinically insane is probably not incidental to this…

And yet perhaps thanks to the volcanic nature of their relationship, the five films they made together are unforgettable. Herzog successfully channelled Kinski’s mercurial temperament and offered him the most mesmerizing performances of his entire career.

In this retrospective, we will screen feature films (Aguirre – the Wrath of God, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Woyzeck, Fitzcarraldo, and Cobra Verde)  but also documentaries that will help us gain a better understanding of those two figures of German cinema, and how they worked together — Burden of Dreams, Portrait Werner Herzog, Kinski Paganini, and of course, Herzog’s My Best Fiend.

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