Below is a message from Roseann Lake, a writer living in Beijing.


Calling all thespians, male and female, seasoned and completely new to the theater scene!

At the end of July 2014, we’ll be staging China’s first-ever rendition of the “Leftover Monologues.” Structured similarly to the “Vagina Monologues,” (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of or seen that play), ours is a play that strives to unite a dozen or so brazen Chinese (and foreign) voices in a stirring evening of entertainment and insight into the complexities of love, sex, marriage and relationships in China – with an emphasis on the unrealistic societal pressures/expectations that accompany all of the above.

How we plan to pull this off:

Meridian Space has already very graciously agreed to host us and we’ve been drumming up suspense with our local and foreign media partners. We have a solid sketch of how we’d like the narrative of our play to evolve, and now we’ve finally gotten to the most critical part – the bit where we begin actively recruiting the talent we need to infuse this play with the feeling and searing zeitgeist we hope it will convey!

How it works:

In conjunction with our director, you choose a topic or story that you’d like to deliver a 7-12 minute monologue about. That’s right – you, the stage, a spotlight, and a captive audience. (Think of this like a TED talk, but with more dramatic lighting and a razzling rooftop BBQ after party). The topic or story you choose to tell should be loosely centered around love, sex, relationships, marriage, and societal pressure/expectations with regards to those, though we are very open to hearing your ideas. A topic or story that makes your blood boil, or your heart soar – we’re open to it all.

After you’ve told us about your topic and we’ve worked together to weave it into the larger scope of our play, you take all the creative liberties you’d like to prepare your “monologue” about it. Rehearsals will primarily take place independently, though as production time nears, we’ll practice together to iron out any remaining creases. (We know talented people are all very busy, so we promise not to take up much of your time). Then, come the end of July, we’ll piece all of the stories together for…showtime!

*Please note: if you like the idea of contributing a topic or story but are a bit stage shy, do not despair! We have an abundant supply of over-sized hats and stage makeup if you prefer to perform incognito. We are also happy to accept a monologue that you suggest or prepare, then assign an actor to perform it for you. True stories or those loosely based on reality are all fair game.*

Questions? Suggestions? Want to participate? Please write to: roseann.m.lake {at} or send a Wechat over to meiguibj for more details.

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