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Bringing Fairy Tales of the World to Life • Meridian Craft Workshops

2015/04/25 (Sat) @ 14:00 - 16:30

Once a month, along with facilitator/teacher/artist Pamela Murray and special guests, Meridian Space will be bringing to life folk tales from around the world, for you and your family. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with literature from around the world. Ignite your imagination with our tailor-made, once-only workshops!

打印Each month a new story
Each month a new craft
Each month a new country
Each month a new lesson

These workshops are interactive family workshops designed to introduce the process and techniques of creativity to your child.
On 25th, April, We take you to South Korea. This is where the story of the Tiger and the Persimmon originated. With fun family games, interactive reading sessions and beautiful visuals, come and join us to enjoy this funny tale about the tiger so timid he got scared of a persimmon! After sharing the story with everyone, Pamela Murray will then go onto to facilitate a basic puppet-making course based on the story’s characters. Everybody will walk away with their own rod puppet.

In each session of this monthly series, Pamela Murray will be facilitating the workshops and custom designing a set of activities for each story, bringing life and magic to the tales with the participation of the children and families:
Session #1: April 25th — South Korea: “The Tiger and the Persimmon”
Session #2: May 23th — Portugal: “John’s Balloon”
Session #3: June 20th — Switzerland: “The Devil’s Bridge”

Session #1 / South Korea / Puppet-making

Part 1:
2pm – 2.10pm: Introductions: names, language levels, age (game based)
2.10 – 2.20pm: HEAD/BODY/TAIL CHARADES game
2:20 – 2.35pm: Story reading (South Korean music and illustrations)
2.35 – 2.40pm: Break

Part 2: Joint Puppets
2.40 – 3pm: Show example. Introduction to Korean folk arts. Colour, cut, decorate backdrop puppet stage, tiger and rabbit templates.
3pm – 3.30: Joints and rods. Children will learn stenciling and tracing from our designed templates. The most important part is to make the puppet’s body move with joints and sticks – this is how the magic of the puppet is created!
3.30 – 3.40: Break

Part 3:
3.40 – 3.45: Clean up
3.45 – 4:30: Play, share and show in puppet stage.

About the Facilitator:

_MG_8135Pamela Murray a theatre practitioner from South Africa. She has worked with French artist François Sarhan at the prestigious Nirox Art project in South Africa. This project was based on Shakespeare’s King Lear with the use of string puppets.

In South Africa, she also worked with costume artist Camilla Pottiggia in a performance and play work, which led to workshops based on the body and dressing. In south Turkey, Pamela worked with a local group of puppeteers in the village of Yesiluzumlu, to perform a traditional show of “Karagoz,” a shadow play with donkey hide puppets.

Pamela Murray has been teaching Drama to students aged 4–12 in Beijing for the last year at ZhuoMei, and writing plays — including The Mishap of the Mayans, The Greater Good Panda and The Village of Lights.
She is currently researching Chinese Shadow Puppetry in Hunan.

Learn more about Meridian’s Fairy Tales of the World project.

Workshop Details

TIME: 2015/4/25 14:00-16:30
LANGUAGE: English and Chinese.
COVER: 200RMB / 1 parent and 1 child; 250RMB / 2 parents and 1 child
REGISTRATION: To register: please email us your name + phone number + number of participants to info@meridian-online.com — or call us: 010-51600496

NB: Access is limited to 12 families.

Where to find us

C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing | 北京市东城区美术馆后街77号77文创园
(0) 10-81056788 | info [at] meridian-online.com
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