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Exhibition – “Photophon”

2017/10/31 (Tue) @ 11:00 - 2017/11/05 (Sun) @ 17:00

Look with your ears, as you stroll around a room illuminated with sound.

This optical multi-speaker setup, conceived by Austrian sound artists noid and Klaus Filip (based on Graham Bell’s 1880 invention), broadcasts a multichannel composition that becomes audible only through special, light sensor-equipped headphones.

All the lights in this room embed sound, creating a sonic landscape in which the slightest movement may cause drastic changes of perspective.

NB: This exhibition will be showing from Oct. 31 to Nov. 5, from 11 am to 5 pm. We kindly ask all visitors to borrow the necessary headphones from the cafe, on the ground floor of Meridian Space.

About the artists

Klaus Filip

Klaus Filip is a performer, composer and programmer, and a pioneer in the use of laptop computers for musical composition and performance in Austria.
He leads the software development project known as ppooll (formerly “lloopp”), a freeware which is widely used by improvising musicians all over the world.
The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range.
As a sound artist, he attempts to cross the borders between sound and light.
Teaching position at the University of Applied Arts, vienna. Steady dispute with the computer as a musical instrument.


noid understands his work as fundamental research leading to a wide range of contradictory outcomes,
spanning from cello-solo and tape-pieces to compositions for ensembles, improvisation scores or performances with electronic or hybrid instruments, from sound-installations to videos and imaginary music.
He curates for the monthly series “Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch” and an annual Sound-Art exhibition in Nickelsdorf.
He teaches at the Multimedia-Art department of the University for Applied Science in Salzburg.


Opening: Monday, October 30th, 8pm (MIJI Concert Series #49)
Exhibition time: October 31st to November 5th – Every day, from 11 am to 5 pm
Venue: Meridian Space


Supported by:

Meridian Borderline:
A laboratory for contemporary art, music and film

Borderline is an ongoing series of events hosted or curated by Meridian 时差, dedicated to avant-garde and/or experimental sound, performance arts, visual arts, and indie cinema. Borderline events are occasions to explore new creative territories.

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