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MIJI Concert Series #22

2015/03/03 (Tue) @ 20:00 - 22:00

| ¥40
Sachiko M


Sachiko M: sinewave

Sachiko M has been active as a sampler player since 1994. In 1998, in a drastic departure from those approaches, she originated the revolutionary method she uses to this day–manipulating the sampler’s internal test tones. With the 2000 release of Sine Wave Solo, her extreme solo recording consisting entirely of sine waves, Sachiko M suddenly became the focus of intense interest on the international scene. Sachiko M was awarded the Ars Electronica 2003 Golden Nica prize in the digital music category.

Yan Jun: feedback

Yan Jun is an improviser who works with feedback noise which mostly defined by the space, speakers and audiences instead of the musician himself. His body movements are as subtle as the changing sounds, engaged in mutual influence.

Li Weisi: electronics

Li Weisi is a member of synthesizer/electronics duo Soviet Pop. He also plays in a rock band. His sounds are frequently generated by simple feedback, then develop slowly and obscurely — blending his environment and himself into a single, perceptive instrument.

supported by the Japan Foundation

SubjamSince 2011, Subjam’s MIJI Concert Series brings together Beijing artists and international performers for experimental jam sessions. Artists are welcome to engage in cold improvisation, radical performance, and absolute noise. Expect anything!

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