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MIJI Concert Series #23 – Yuen Chee Wai, Yan Yulong, Liu Xinyu

2015/04/24 (Fri) @ 20:00 - 22:00

| ¥40
The MIJI Concert Series is back, for another experimental music performance taking place in a long rectangular room. Featuring Singaporean artist Yuen Chee Wai, and Beijing-based performers Yan Yulong and Liu Xinyu.



Yuen Chee Wai (Singapore)

Yuen is a musician and artist working with sound and has performed and exhibited extensively locally and internationally. He has designed and composed sound for installation, dance, film and TV / radio. He is known for his improvised sound and noise explorations as well as his drone / ambient / field recording approaches to music making.

Chee Wai’s strong interest in Philosophy, Literature, Film and Cultural Studies often finds him incorporating textual ideas and concepts in his sound work, with themes like memory, loss, repetition and invisibility as main thought trajectories.
In 2008, together with Otomo Yoshihide (Japan), Ryu Hankil (Korea) and Yan Jun (China), they formed FEN – Far East Network, which made its debut at the Mimi Festival in Marseille. FEN has subsequently played in many countries and festivals around Europe and Asia. FEN is an ever breathing and evolving improv music quartet that aims to work predominantly with musicians and artists from all disciplines across Asia.

Chee Wai also plays synth and electronics for the avant / experimental rock band, The Observatory (Singapore). The Observatory, which has to date 6 full length albums – the most recent being Oscilla – often collaborates in a wide range of art and theatre projects. A four-piece band, The Observatory stays fully independent. It has toured Europe and Asia extensively, and also has several music programme initiatives, like Playfreely, to present interesting musicians and giving them a platform to collaborate and present music work that is normally not entirely conventional.

Chee Wai is Project Director for the Asian Music Network – a project that is part of Ensembles Asia helmed by Otomo Yoshihide. In it, Chee Wai is also the curator of the Asian Meeting Festival. In all his years being a musician, he has actively performed and connected fellow Asian musicians working with experimental and improve music, and also continually collaborating with artists from all disciplines. His hope is to develop a strong Asian community of artists and musicians.
He was one of the artists in the inaugural Singapore Biennale, and a highly sought after designer.

Yan Yulong

Yan Yulong

Frontman of neo-psycho rock band Chui Wan. An active member of the younger generation of rock, experimental, and improvisation music performers in China. He has previously collaborated with a variety of different musicians and artists, such as butoh dancers, documentarists, theatrical performers, avant-garde composers, etc. Usually engages in electric/acoustic violin improvisation.

Liu Xinyu

Liu Xinyu

born in Beijing. Regular participant in Beijing’s Zoomin’ Night and MIJI experimental music performance series. In 2008, he started a project of solo guitar performance. The first time he performed, due to his enthusiasm for feedback and resonance, he succeeded in expelling every single audience member from the room with 30 minutes of non-stop, earsplitting guitar noise.
In recent years, Liu Xinyu has gradually shifted his attention from guitar to no-input mixer as a source of feedback. Instead of earsplitting noise, he pays more attention to subtle sound. Currently, he mainly uses no-input mixer feedback and self-made sound installations to explore micro sound worlds. He is also currently a member of Beijing bands Chui Wan and Deadly Cradle Death.
Liu Xinyu’s works have appeared in: Zoomin’ Night: 100 Shows (Maybe Mars), Shouyi (Sub Jam), and Awaking (with Yan Yulong, Sub Jam).

SubjamSince 2011, Subjam’s MIJI Concert Series brings together Beijing artists and international performers for experimental jam sessions. Artists are welcome to engage in cold improvisation, radical performance, and absolute noise. Expect anything!


Time: Friday April 24th, 8pm
Venue: Meridian Space
Cover: 40 RMB

Where to find us

C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing | 北京市东城区美术馆后街77号77文创园
(0) 10-81056788 | info [at] meridian-online.com
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