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MIJI Concert Series #44-…+Mei Zhiyong+Yan Yulong

2017/03/21 (Tue) @ 19:00 - 21:00

| ¥50
The MIJI Concert Series is back, for another experimental music performance taking place in a long rectangular room.

About the performers

Sound artist, musician, noisician, performer, composer, improviser or whatever you like to call it (depends largely on your taste).

… is the soundless moniker of Nikola H. Mounoud. Riding many musical waves as anyone would, he focuses his work on the exploration in real time of analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks (Larsen) using a laptop computer and an analog mixer. Unlike chords, wind and skins of acoustic sound, feedback is an unstoppable, implacable sonic evolution. For more wordy concepts or description, it may be easier to turn your interest towards writers instead of a sound artist, musician, nois…


Mei Zhiyong

Harsh noise, experimental music, independent film, photography, field recording.

About noise: Exploring the nature of the way, the body is a tool, thought is a program. All manic, quiet, extreme, abnormal matters have been preset by procedures and tools, noise is the carrier of breaking all the rules, only impaling nothingness will real make you get rid of the contradiction between voice and body, between body and mind.

About field recordings: Collecting the sound of a solid as a medium: slightvibrate.

About images: Occasional porn, occasional violence, occasionally fresh, often meaningless. Saw the birth of the image as the birth of space, the birth of space as the birth of time, the birth of time as the birth of death, the birth of death as the birth of thought, beyond logic, destroy logic.


Yan Yulong

1989, Born in Harbin, Live in Beijing. Frontman of neo-psycho rock band Chui Wan, actively working in Chinese younger generation of rock, experimental, improvised music scenes. He collaborate with a variety of different styles of musicians, dancers, theater and composers. Individual plans are usually playing violin improvisation. Initially he played drone, minimalism and compose… is not limited thereto now.



Time: Tuesday, March 21 – doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 8 pm sharp
Venue: Meridian Space
Cover: 50 RMB (suggested donation)


SubjamSince 2011, Subjam’s MIJI Concert Series brings together Beijing artists and international performers for experimental jam sessions. Artists are welcome to engage in cold improvisation, radical performance, and absolute noise. Expect anything!

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Borderline is an ongoing series of events hosted or curated by Meridian 时差, dedicated to avant-garde and/or experimental sound, performance arts, visual arts, and indie cinema. Borderline events are occasions to explore new creative territories.

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