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MIJI & Multiple Tap Festival

2015/04/04 (Sat) @ 20:00 - 2015/04/05 (Sun) @ 20:00

Next week-end, two exceptional Sino-Japanese concerts will take place at Meridian Space, co-organised by Subjam and Multiple Tap. Join us to hear the crème de la crème of the Japanese noise and experimental music scene, and their stupendous Chinese counterparts.

Featuring: Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixer), Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), Katsuyoshi Kou (guitar), Ko Ishikawa (Japanese shō), Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokaidan) (guitar & electronics), JUNKO (Hijokaidan) (voice), Liu Xinyu (no-input mixer), Soviet Pop (analogue synth & elecronics), Yan Yulong (violin), Yu Yiyi (pedals), VAVABOND (laptop), and the Mongolian Impro Committee.

NB: To attend, please call and book with us (see details below).


Day 1: April 4th

(doors open at 7:00pm, concert starts at 8:00pm sharp)

JUNKO + Liu Xinyu

Toshimaru Nakamura

Katsuyoshi Kou

Jojo Hiroshige

Ko Ishikawa + Tetuzi Akiyama + Mongolian Impro Committee (Yan Yulong, Liu Xinyu, VAVABOND, Li Qing & Li Weisi)

Day 2: April 5th

(doors open at 7:00pm, concert starts at 8:00pm sharp)

Katsuyoshi Kou + VAVABOND

Tetuzi Akiyama


Toshimaru Nakamura + Soviet Pop
Ko Ishikawa

Jojo Hiroshige + Yu Yiyi

This event is supported by J-LOP


Check out some vids HERE

Ko Ishikawa

Ko IshikawaBorn in Tokyo 1963.
He studied Japanese traditional “Gagaku” music under Mayumi Miyata, Hideaki Bunno and Sukeyasu Shiba.

He has been playing the shō, a small bamboo organ, as a part of his Gagaku performances but also in his contemporary and experimental music endeavours.

›› Radiant OSC

Tetuzi Akiyama

Tetuzi AkiyamaTetuzi Akiyama plays the guitar with primitive and practical implications, by adding a desire of his own to the instrument’s characteristic nature in a straightforward and minimalistic way.

He delicately and sometimes boldly controls the dynamics of the sound from the micro to the macro level, and tries to quantize his physical system.
Besides making a variety of solo albums which covers from fingerpicking and slide acoustic guitar atonalism to noisy experimental drone to never ending boogie, he has made many albums in collaboration with highly praised artists such as Jozef Van Wissem, Donald McPherson, Greg Malcolm, Bruce Russell, Gunter Muller, Jason Kahn, Michel Henritzi, Phantom Limb, Gul3, Tim Barnes, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Ng and Alan Licht, to name but a few.
He is also a band member of “Koboku Senju”, “Satanic Abandoned Rock & Roll Society” and “Hontatedori”.

Akiyama has been frequently invited for international music festivals in East & West Europe, North & South America, Australia and New Zealand in recent years.

Toshimaru Nakamura

Toshimaru NakamuraToshimaru Nakamura has been producing electronic music on his self-named “no-input mixing board,” after long unhappy years with the electric guitar.

The name of the instrument itself describes the method of his music. “No” external sound source is connected to “inputs” of the “mixing board.”

Mostly an improviser, occasionally a composer for dancers, and an instrumentalist for compositions.

Katsuyoshi Kou

Katsuyoshi KouKou Katsuyoshi is a Korean, who was born in Tokyo, 1983.

He is a founder of Multiple Tap Festival, which aims at bringing Japanese new music and extreme sound to the world.


JunkoJunko Hiroshige (b.1961) is the grand dame of Japanese shriek and the most unique voice of Noise.

A vocalist and instrumentalist, she is one of the founding members of the seminal Japanese Noise band Hijokaidan, which in the late ’70s gave rise to liminal and destructive performances. She has a voice of great intensity.

Her solo vocal performances are incredibly musical and harrowing confrontations with the very real, physical and aural trauma of a woman screaming.

To really get to grips with what is so affecting in being confronted with Junko’s solo performances then it helps us at least to deal with them on an emotional level, but also to try and understand how this experience forces you to think – a kind of conceptual experience – and what it might allude to.

Jojo 広重 (Jojo Hiroshige)

JojoJojo Hiroshige was born in Kyoto in 1959. He formed the improvisational punk unit Ultra Bide in 1978, and Hijokaidan in 1979. Radical live noise performances made Hijokaidan well-known in the world as one of the oldest noise bands.

He started Alchemy Records in Osaka in 1984, and released titiles of unique bands, Hijokaidan, Sekiri, etc. Considered one of the oldest independent labels, Alchemy Records has been active since its start, digging up such young, interesting artists as Doodles, Oshiri Pen Pens, etc.

In 1997, Jojo Hiroshige experimented with a new form, playing noise and songs at once, and released his first solo album, “Kimi Ga Shinette Ieba Shinu Kara” (I Will Die if You Say So). The audience was overwhelmingly drawn to his intense world.

He released his second album, “Minna Shinde Shimaeba Iinoni” (I Hope We All Die) in 1999, the third album, “Konomama Shinde Shimaitai” (I Now Want to Die) in 2000, Crimson Voyage, which he recorded with a singer Yoshiko Sai in 2001, and his “best of” album for which all the songs were selected by himself, “Ikiteru Kachi Nashi”(No Value Lives) in 2002.

Since 2002, Jojo started to play in the band format with bass and drums, and he released “Donarichirasu Baku No Koe Wa Amarinimo Chiisai”(My Bawling Voice Sounds So Quiet) in 2003, “Bokuwa Mou Utawanaidarou”(I Do Not Sing Any More) in 2004, and a 2cds “best of” album “Ikiteru Kachi Nado Arujanashi” on February 2005 by Teichiku Entertainment.

Yan Yulong

Yan YulongFrontman of neo-psycho rock band Chui Wan. An active member of the younger generation of rock, experimental, and improvisation music performers in China. He has previously collaborated with a variety of different musicians and artists, such as butoh dancers, documentarists, theatrical performers, avant-garde composers, etc. Usually engages in electric/acoustic violin improvisation. Initially focusing on drone, minimalist and modern composition, but not limited thereto anymore.

Composition Works: ›› Radio-Enemy (NO.16 and No.17)
›› Solo Works & Music For Documentary Theater
›› Yan Yulong & Liu Xinyu Duo

Liu Xinyu

Liu XinyuLiu Xinyu, born in Beijing. Regular participant in Beijing’s Zoomin’ Night and MIJI experimental music performance series. In 2008, he started a project of solo guitar performance. The first time he performed, due to his enthusiasm for feedback and resonance, he succeeded in expelling every single audience member from the room with 30 minutes of non-stop, earsplitting guitar noise.

In recent years, Liu Xinyu has gradually shifted his attention from guitar to no-input mixer as a source of feedback. Instead of deafening noise, he pays more attention to subtle sound. Currently, he mainly uses the no-input mixer feedback and self-made sound installations to explore micro sound-worlds. He is also currently a member of Beijing bands Chui Wan and Deadly Cradle Death.

Liu Xinyu’s works have appeared in: Zoomin’ Night: 100 Shows (Maybe Mars), Shouyi (Sub Jam), and MiHuan (with Yan Yulong, Sub Jam).

›› Douban
›› Yan Yulong & Liu Xinyu Duo


Vavabonda.k.a. Wei Wei, laptop improviser, noise player.
Beginning from large volume noise made by Max/MSP, her current interests concentrate on free improvised synthesis and processed signals. With insects buzz and electromagnetics hiss as her main inspirations, she explores the themes of “time” and “existence” in her work with time-based practice, mechanical and meaningless drones and clicks, and improvisational structures, especially those “environment improvised” ones.
Besides her solo projects, she is also member of the psychedelic noise group “VagusNerve” and free improvised duo “Mind Fiber”.

›› Douban

Soviet Pop

Soviet PopBeijing-based elecro-acoustic duo. Formed by Li Qing and Li Weisi, two young musicians from Beijing and Tianjin. They play the analogue synthesizer, electronics and objects, both as experimental composition and improvised music.
They are part of the young generation of Beijing new music scene acts around XP club. They have previously attended MIJI Concerts, MIJI Festival, and joined the “living room tour” as members of Impro Committee. They have collaborated with Axel Doener, Lionel Marchetti, Sachiko M and Blixa Bargeld, among others.
They are also members of noisecore duo Rat “The Spy” 51 and rock band Snapline.

›› Douban
›› Soviet Pop & Tim Blachmann:
›› Soviet Pop & Olaf Horhherz

Yu Yiyi

Yu YiyiYu Yiyi was born in Guangdong in 1986. he has performed hardware noise concerts and released albums under the name Dissociative Disorder. Later he began using FORMALIN for fast-cut-noise. Also addicted to field recording and drone music. He is also a photographer, and a member of hardware noise project KMKMK.
His live sets are very dynamic, full of energy, as he performs in a state of ecstasy with lightning-fast body movements.

Mongolian Impro Committee

Mongolian Impro CommitteeImpro Committee was established by Yan Jun at the end of 2011. It has changed its name more than 10 times. From Blackboard Impro Committee to Ad Hoc Impro Committee, from Eastwind Impro Committee to Winter Impro Committee… its members are also not fixed. Most of them are Beijing-based young musicians from different projects.
They have attended MIJI Festival and a series of Living Room tours.
They prefer to play the environment itself, rather than “music”.
Mongolian Impro Committee are Yan Yulong, Liu Xinyu, Li Qing, Li Weisi and VAVABOND.


Date: April 4th & 5th
Venue: Meridian Space (C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing)
Book your seat: 15601160972 (Dorian); reservation ends at 5:00 pm, April 4th

Where to find us

C&C Park, 77 Meishuguan Houjie, Dongcheng, Beijing | 北京市东城区美术馆后街77号77文创园
(0) 10-81056788 | info [at] meridian-online.com
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