Meridian Day – Meridian Space Opening
Part 4: And later that night…

An account of the long-awaited 24-hr opening party of Meridian Space,
which took place from 9 a.m., Saturday April 19th, to 9 a.m., Sunday April 20th, 2014.

Sinotronics live/DJ set
by Charm, Menghan and MMS

Sinotronics is a Beijing-based record label publishing contemporary music from & in China, with a strong emphasis on electronic sounds. For their first event in 2014, they performed a hybrid live/DJ set incorporating sounds to be included on the forthcoming Sinotronics compilation CDs, followed by DJ of experimental electronica, dark ambient, and minimal techno.

Lights were dimmed, and green boxes rearranged strategically around the Meridian Art Lounge to form a strange and enticing environment. Meridian Club was born. (oh, wait… didn’t we use that name before?)

… Meanwhile, on the little patio outside: the sound of a trumpet was suddenly heard, along with frenetic drumming: two (somewhat inebriated) members from the band Omnipotent Youth Society had decided that the moment was appropriate for a little outdoors performance.

… Meanwhile, in the Meridian Workshop upstairs: people sat around cross-legged on woven mats, drinking tea and debating philosophical topics (or the latest Beijing trends, or both).

… Meanwhile, in the entrance of Meridian Space: Theophile Seyrig’s latest light installation, which was designed and assembled specially for Meridian Space, hung in all its glory from the ceiling — spreading its phantasmagorical neon glow over everyone and everything.

It kept on burning bright until the very end of that night, and Sunday morning — end of a fruitful and memorable Meridian Day.


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