Meridian Day – Meridian Space Opening
Part 3: Free Jazz & Dance

An account of the long-awaited 24-hr opening party of Meridian Space,
which took place from 9 a.m., Saturday April 19th, to 9 a.m., Sunday April 20th, 2014.

B+ Jazz Trio Improv Performance
by Rani Géroult (vocals), Nathaniel Gao (sax) and Brandon Gaoiran (bass)

That evening, the B+Jazz Trio turned a corner of Meridian Space into their stage. Rani, Nathaniel and Brandon performed three superb 20-minute shows, a blend of free jazz, old French songs by Rani, and experimental electronica.

“Three lines meet. Three musicians invite the audience to visualize, through their common performance, the traits of a character drawn in space, and the living energies that define it. In this opening performance, the concept of “meridian” is expressed as a movement, and a celebration of the beauty of encounter — that of human beings meeting each other, in a common time and place.”

To the astonishment of many visitors, during their final piece, four dancers suddenly walked out of the crowd, carrying some of the wooden green boxes that are a trademark of the Meridian Art Lounge — and started performing. Their piece was timed to the sound of a 17-minute abstract musical composition by Rani, made of atmospheric effects and recordings of everyday sounds, picked around Beijing — a composition which aimed at expressing the odd feeling of emptiness and alienation that pervades life in such a large city as Beijing.

(All our thanks to these talented dancers for their surprise participation to the event: Li Dan 李丹, Wang Yuanqing 汪圆清, Jin Xiaolin 金晓霖 and Mengxi 梦曦 !)

NB: most of the photos below are captures from video footage which we will hopefully soon manage to turn into a watchable recording of this performance!


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