Meridian Magazine 1 - Urban Mysteries
It’s sort of like having our first baby. O world! We’re happy to announce the birth of our first little… er… (does it even have a gender?)

Well anyway, what we really want to say is that the first issue of Meridian Magazine is finally out! Thanks to all the contributors and the Meridian team for helping us with this long, very long travail.

The theme of this first issue is “Urban Mysteries”. Stories, photos and dreams from the world’s most vibrant cities are just a click away. Whether you are a story contributor, spiritual supporter, first-time visitor, or you just clicked a link somewhere by mistake, we welcome you here with a warm embrace, full of passion and hospitality (no, stay!).

Meridian is an organization devoted to cross-cultural exchange and creation. We collect stories and works from young or budding creators in 24 global time-zones through personal and social networks. We hope that you enjoy reading our magazine and we would love to hear from you.

Without further ado, ta-daa:

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