On Saturday November 2, at the Beijing Africa Centre, Meridian organized a book launch party for the children’s picture books series “Fairy Tales of the World,” which has just been published by New Star Press (you can buy them on JD.com — international shipping available!).

Throughout the afternoon, the place was full of parents and children, who all seemed delighted to discover our new books. More than 300 people registered for the event, not including at least a hundred little devils!

The event included a presentation of the project itself, but also a book reading, a mime performance… and plenty of mulled wine.

These books on which we spent so much time and effort are finally out there, for your reading pleasure. We’re very proud of this accomplishment — but this is only the beginning. We now want to gather as many different opinions and constructive advice on how to improve the books, for future editions, but also to prepare their little brothers and sisters from other countries!

Model worker Jingyi, getting ready for the event. She replied more than 200 e-mails in the last few days.

Model worker Jingyi, getting ready for the event. She replied more than 200 e-mails in the last few days.


Thanks to our friend Han Meitong, some of the little rascals agreed to stay still to enjoy a little storytelling…


Illustrator Xiong Liang, author of “The Solar Terms”


The Allemanns, a Sino-Swiss family who combined their talents to create the beautiful “Devil’s Bridge”


Mikaela King, who wrote “The Black-Backed Jackal,” was there for a book reading on the stage


Our friends from Nadading gave a wonderful mime performance based on Xiong Liang’s “The Solar Terms”



Many thanks to everyone who joined us on that day, helping us make this event such a successful one! Thank you to all the volunteers without whom none of this could have taken place; to Li Ling for her backstage help; and to Tracy, for opening the doors of the Africa Centre to us.

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