New Star Press

New Star Press is a comprehensive publishing house approved by the China Publication Bureau. Open to both the domestic and international markets, it aims to promote Chinese culture across the world and introduce foreign cultures to China.

Among its publications open to the international market are the white papers of the Chinese Government in many languages, including (but not limited to) English, French, Russian and Tibetan. Books published on the Chinese mainland focus on social sciences and the humanities, as well as on the belles-lettres and modern lifestyles.

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3G.cn is the largest mobile internet platform in China, dedicated to offering a variety of information and entertainment applications to mobile phone users since 2004. 3G.cn is China’s first off-deck mobile site, and the first to launch a free basic service model in the industry.

Ever since its creation, online registrations and daily clicks of 3G.cn have consistently dominated the market thanks to leading technology as well as rich, comprehensive and exclusive content, including more than 70 specialized channels, as well as a user-friendly platform. The number of registered users of 3G.cn now exceeds 130 millions. It is also the only platform in China with a complete set of self-developed mobile applications. In 2009, 3G.cn released an innovative series of mobile applications, “GO”. The 15 ‘apps’ it offers have been downloaded over 200 million times (August 2011).

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