A photographic work that explores
the limits of the city of Beijing

Sept.20 – Oct.20


Photography: Héctor Peinador
Curated by: Susana Sanz

This exhibition, part of the Beijing Design Week 2014, presents for the first time End of Line (2013-2014), the photographic work of Héctor Peinador. Peinador, who lives and works as an architect in Beijing, has witnessed this city’s various processes of construction and destruction throughout the last decade. However, this experience is merely the background against which he conducted, over the past two years, this unique photographic research about the end of lines of the Beijing metro.

This work is a journey that leads us through the veins of the ruined “body” that is Beijing — a trip from the core of this twenty-first-century phantasmagorical capital to its periphery. The periphery of Beijing is the place we cannot see, the place that no one shows us. It is silence, although it is where the noise from the construction and destruction is stronger. It is the starting point from which millions of Chinese citizens commute to work downtown and where they ultimately survive.

End of Line is not a denunciation of the indiscriminate destruction of Beijing (which has been the object of the work of many other photographers, both Chinese and foreign), but rather an archaeology of the periphery. In his photographs, Peinador works as an archaeologist using his photographic lens to excavate the different strata accumulated in the periphery of Beijing, as in Chinese society: poverty/wealth, old/new, calm/movement, silence/noise.

This exhibition will be held from September 20th to October 20th, 2014, in the exhibition hall of Meridian Space. The opening will take place on September 20th, at 7 p.m.

More of Hector’s works can be viewed on his website.


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