Meridian Club June Event
Revealing the Invisible

A Conversation and Exploration of Tibetan Thangkas
with Nick Dudka

Friday June 21st, 7:30pm
@ The Other Place


As one of the predominant cultures of south-west China, Tibetan culture has a long and unique artistic and religious history, incorporating influences from India, Nepal, and other Chinese ethnic minorities. The Tibetan region is also among the main cradles of the sacred art of thangka.

Thangkas, also referred to as scroll paintings, are embroidered paintings on silk that usually depict important Buddhist figures and symbols, such as bodhisattvas, deities, mandalas, or scenes from the life of the Buddha. To this day, these artworks still serve as major religious teaching instruments.

We are privileged to be led into this world by Mr Nick Dudka, an acclaimed thangka artist, who hails from Russia, and who has been studying and painting Tibetan thangkas for almost 30 years.

This event bridges not only the culture and arts of India, Nepal, Tibet and greater China, but is also a conversation about how personal beliefs and religion play an important part in artistic creation and personal aesthetic expression. Leaving aside the usual “East-West” polemics, this is an “East-East” conversation, between the traditions at the heart of Han Chinese culture and the cultures that grew and prospered around it. Indeed, the dynamic interplay of ethnicities, religions and arts that defines modern-day China is in many ways the product of its exchanges with its neighbours.

Come join us as we dive into the world of Tibetan thangkas with Mr Dudka, and discover a world few have explored.

Nick DudkaAbout the Artist: Nick Dudka

Mr Nick Dudka was born in 1962 in Dessau, Germany. Determined to become an artist from a very young age, he received a European art education at the Academy of Art in Kiev, Ukraine. At age 24 he traveled to Mongolia for the first time, and was enchanted by the complex and fascinating combination he encountered of Buddhist religion, philosophy and art. Thereafter, he lost all interest in Western art, and decided to become a thangka artist.

At the beginning of the 1990's he began an intensive study of thangka painting, which took him on many a visit to Mongolia, Nepal, India, and the Tibetan region. At present, Nick works as a professor of art at the State Academy of Art of Ulan-Ude (Russia), and continues to work in his private studio. Private exhibitions of his art have been shown in more than 20 countries, and many of his works are currently exhibited in Buddhist temples, museums and private collections around the world.


7:30-8:00pm: Sign-in
8:00-8:30pm: Introduction
8:35pm-9:45pm: Dialogue
9:50pm-10:15pm: Q&A
After 10:15pm: Drinks and fun


The event will be bilingual, in Chinese and English.
Please send us an email to register:


Door ticket is 30 RMB and includes a drink (tea, coffee, beer).
Meridian is a not-for-profit organization. All proceeds from the event go to the venue and to cover organizing expenses. We appreciate your support!


The other place: 1 Langjia Hutong, off Beiluogu Xiang, Dongcheng District【Map
Tel: 010-64013269

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