“A Touch of Colour”

by Anakatira

What does their world look like through their eyes?

A Photo Exhibition


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“When I saw him, I thought that many big things can start from small ones…”
— “Boy in the Rain” by Vernie


This week, Meridian时差, XiQi and Brand New China bring to Beijing a very special photo exhibition: the works of seven talented youths from the city of Cebu, Philippines.

Albert, Marc, Alyssa, Rowena, Anfernee, Vernie and Raffy are all students from underprivileged neighborhoods of Cebu. Thanks to non-profit organization Anakatira, they receive scholarships enabling them to pay for their high school or university fees. In exchange, they agree to participate in the education of the orphans at the local Parian Drop-In Center — and help organize projects that can help them renew the funds for their scholarships. “A Touch of Colour” is such a project.

This exhibition is the artistic result of a long-term artistic experience in which these seven scholars followed a photography workshop led by professional photographers, then were given a camera to share between them. Their only assignment: “Document the world you see around you.”

After printing out the pictures they liked best, they used paint and various other techniques to point out the most crucial elements of each print, in their eyes. Each of these photographs is therefore a striking mix of black, white and sudden flashes of colour, which provides a deep and moving insight into the everyday lives of these talented kids – along with the stimulating joy and freshness of youth.

By selling these beautiful prints through various exhibitions (in Cebu, but also in Hong-Kong, France and China), Anakatira is looking to help these promising students retain their scholarships for another year, and definitely break through the “cycle of poverty.”

Where to go?

The photos will be on display…

To learn more: see our “Supported Projects” page.
See also: Anakatira’s Official Website and Facebook Page

A Touch of Colour aims at demonstrating that hard work, commitment and a dose of optimism can do wonders to change the lives of children.”
— C.Jensen, Anakatira Founder


“Summertime” by Marc

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