It was a cold, cold and windy November evening in Beijing on Tuesday evening. And yet, the Meridian Club played to a full house in the cozy atmosphere of the Bookworm!

We quickly realized there would be a large public, but never could we have imagined it would be THAT large! To the extent that late-comers had to fold back onto an additional, improvised “backroom event”…

Accordingly, all our thanks to the dozens of people who made the long trip through terrible Beijing traffic all the way to Sanlitun to see us and participate in our event — and sometimes not even being able to get in… To all of those, please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience, which was due to certain elements beyond our control (in-house events regulations at the Bookworm, etc.)


Three creators from three different time zones came to tell us about their experience in documentary-making. Hopefully their works will one day be available for viewing on the Chinese cinema circuit!


Chinese director Fan Lixin spoke about the making of “Last Train Home” and the story behind it — a mother forced to leave her 8-months old daughter to go find work in the city. In modern-day China, such stories of powerlessness are unfortunately very common.


Chinese-American director Kathy Huang told us about the shooting of her documentary, “Tales of the Waria,” and of the preparatory work it requested. Before filming, Kathy spent two months in Indonesia to get acquainted with her subjects, the members of a local transgender community. Not only did they become her friends, they also came up with the subject of this documentary — “true love.”

During this great evening, we were lucky to hear very stimulating presentations from our three friends from the film and documentary industry, Fan Lixin, Kathy Huang and Matthieu Laclau (more about them here). We are currently in the process of editing a video recording of the event, which we will put online very soon for everyone who could not attend, and for those among the attendees who were distracted by people next to them at crucial moments!

We will do our best to look for larger venues in the future, but the Meridian Club is also planning an evolution toward a smaller-scale model, in which only a limited group of people would be invited to attend our event each time.

So if you would like to be among the future invitees, please send us an e-mail with your name, contact info, profession and centers of interest!

All our thanks, once again, to our speakers and translators, and to everyone who participated.

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