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Because we love a good truism: Iceland is amazing. Such an incredible musical treasure trove, in fact, that almost anything coming from there is bound to be a mind-blowing pick for the music lover. But the Meridian Music Machine doesn’t just pick anything

Introducing, for time zone UTC 0: “I’ll Drown,” by Sóley.



— Interviewer: From where do you draw your lyrical inspiration?
— Sóley: Poems, dreams and my fucked up imagination.

Sóley Stefánsdóttir, a multi-instrumentalist in her mid-twenties, counts among the most dazzling gems discovered in the frozen island these last few years. Her first full-length record “We Sink” (Morr, 2011) has made it on the Nordic Music Prize long-list for 2011, received the prestigious Kraumur Music Award, a nomination for best album at the Icelandic Music Awards, etc.

Sóley is also a member of indie-folk bands Seabear and Sin Fang.

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Listen and buy “We Sink” on Gogoyoko, or Morr Music.

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An interview here, an interview there, and another one beyond, with music videos.

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