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In the imperishable words of Jack Kerouac, “LA is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities.” One may add, a place better-known for Hollywood blockbusters than for its experimental music scene.

Nonetheless, right there in the City of Angels, the Meridian Music Machine found the ideal soundtrack to a slow-motion nocturnal drive along the empty arteries of a sprawling metropolis… In the dead of night, when even such a lonely and brutal city starts to vibrate with the sort of harsh, desperate beauty that the daytime ignores.

Introducing, for time zone UTC-8: “Boulevard at 3 am,” by Seedmole.


Seedmole’s music is slow and contemplative, introspective, opening up visual and mental spaces through the careful creation of rich musical textures and atmospheres. His style is fluid and ranges across many genres, including experimental electronic, ambient, drone rock, noise, psychedelic, etc.

In phase with the concentrated essence of his sound, the man behind this project isn’t prone to disclose too much extraneous information — particularly about himself. We know at least that his name is Jeremy Siegel.

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Find Seedmole on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and LastFM.

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