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Great Collaborations: Herzog/Kinski

Throughout July and August, Meridian Space will be screening “Great Collaborations: Herzog/Kinski,” a series of films showcasing the fruitful — and explosive — partnerships between celebrated director Werner Herzog, and actor Klaus Kinski, enfant terrible of the twentieth-century German cinema.

Meridian @ WCO’s Art Crawl

We participated in the magnificent (and very successful) “Art Crawl” that happened last Saturday, at MOMA. Thanks to the WCO for inviting us to show our books! Invalid Displayed Gallery *More pics here* … and a video here!

Photos of last night’s show

Thanks to everyone who came to participate in the show (on and off the stage!), to Zajia Lab for hosting the event, to Guo Xiaohan for her paper cut-outs, and of course to the incredible folks at Nadading for such an amazing and uproarious performance. You helped us make sure our “Stories from the Crowd” […]

Dreams of an Insomniac

“Dreams of an Insomniac” — a crowdsourced and interactive performance, performed by Nadading and presented by the Meridian Club. Join in the fun!

Follow-Up: Revealing… a few Photos

A few photos from the Meridian Club event #5, “Revealing the Invisible.” All our thanks, once more, to Mr Nick Dudka for his fascinating presentation — but also to Michael’s faultless translation, to the Other Place for providing this great venue… and to all of you who attended our event!