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Meridian时差 is a creative, cross-cultural organisation, and an open-minded editorial body which aims at promoting and publishing within China original picture books from all over the world. An important goal of ours is to make Chinese readers more familiar with “adult/literary/non-fiction” picture books and graphic novels, and to become an important player in this field.

In 2011, we launched and carried forward the Fairy Tales of the World project, which gathered ten picture books, written and illustrated by artists from ten different countries of the world.

In 2013 began our collaboration with Chinese writer, painter and illustrator Xiong Liang, who became our first major partner in creating and publishing picture books for the adult readership. After the success of his book The Solar Terms, which garnered many prizes and was featured at several international book fairs, we recently published his new opus — Tales of Darkness.

Artist Representation

Xiong Liang is a painter, illustrator, and a pioneering Chinese picture books author, whose works have garnered widespread attention and praise in China and the rest of the world. Born in 1975 in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, he is now based in Beijing.

Xiong Liang’s visual art emphasizes lines and darkness, and draws many of its essential qualities from traditional Chinese art. The characters and sceneries in his works are evocative, poetic, and full of life. His creative output is multidisciplinary, and includes adult graphic novels, children’s books, novels, plays, and contemporary ink paintings.

As part of our ongoing creative collaboration with him, Meridian时差 is managing the sales of Xiong Liang’s original paintings and illustration works.

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