Fairy Tales of the World:
The Authors

André Águas

After marketing and advertising studies in his native Portugal, and three years working as a creative copywriter in a big advertising firm, André answered the call of his wanderlust. He started to roam the world, taking up a variety of employments wherever he went – and making every new experience the subject matter of his writing. He was last seen working as a football coach assistant in Riyad, Saudi Arabia.

John’s Balloon

Andrea Vela Alarcón

Andrea was born in the Amazon city of Iquitos, Peru. At a young age, she found herself inspired by the visual image, and began illustrating everything that surrounded her. She has produced illustrations for Peruvian magazines, non-profit organizations and clothing brands, and has also worked on documentaries (such as Marinocha, screened at the Lima Film Festival). She is currently looking to work on more projects blending social development and illustration.
See more on her blog: allegra-v


Cédric Allemann
& Estelle Bing Luo

Beijing-based founders of the graphic design agency A+Design Cédric and Estelle worked with their daughter Mila on The Devil’s Bridge. Cédric also managed the creative design of all our other “Fairy Tales of the World” picture books. Estelle Bing Luo, a designer, photographer and freelance writer, wrote this story on the basis of a well-known folk tale from Cédric’s native Switzerland. Her former works in Chinese include Yi Ri Qian Nian (“A Day of the Millenium”).

The Devil’s Bridge

Clara Roquet

Clara Roquet is a writer and screenwriter from Barcelona, Spain. She has worked for different producers in recent years, and with Spanish directors such as Lluís Galter or Carlos Marques-Marcet. In 2011 she was awarded a Jury’s Special Prize at the prestigious SGAE Julio Alejandro Screenwriting Awards, and a full scholarship from La Caixa Foundation to enroll in the MA in Film Studies Program at the Columbia University School of the Arts, New York.

Little Chickpea

Claudia Aréstegui

Claudia Aréstegui was born in Lima, Peru, and has been writing short stories since her childhood. A finalist in several literature contests, she has written for magazines, as well as plays and short stories for children and adults alike. Former works of hers include the play 4×4: Cuentos a Todo Terreno and the novel Las Buenas Orejas de Esteban Malapata. She currently works as a teacher, but still devotes plenty of time to her passion for literature.
Read more from her on: tambientarcila


Codruţa Bîrlea

Codruţa was born in a Romanian family famous for literary achievements. She has been writing short articles and poems from the age of 10, and won twice the Baia Mare Children’s Literature Award. Now a mother of two, Codruţa never fails to tell her children beautiful bedtime stories every night.

Little Vampire Dreams of Planes

Conrad Roset

Conrad Roset is a freelance illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. He currently works on a range of projects for advertising agencies, design studios, magazines, fashion brands and publishing houses. He is also a professor at the Postgraduate Degree in Illustration course of the BAU Design College of Barcelona. His artwork has already been exhibited in London, Oporto, San Francisco, Madrid and Barcelona, among other places, and his collected works are soon to be published by Norma Editorial.

Little Chickpea

Istvan Buzay

Born in Budapest, Istvan Buzay graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where he also obtained a post-graduate degree in painting. Noted for the distinctive style of his artwork, dramatic and featuring strong visual references to Eastern European graphic traditions, Istvan has already published a great many illustrations, collaborating with both magazines and publishing houses.

Miklos’ Adventures

Joana Cavadas

A native of Lisbon, Joana Cavadas graduated from the renowned Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing. As an illustrator, graphic designer and educator specializing in children’s workshops, her former clients notably include the Museum of the National Library of Spain, and the NGO “Casa do Caminho” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
See more of her works on: aviaodepapel

John’s Balloon

Melany Pietersen

Melany Pietersen is an internationally published artist currently residing near Cape Town, South Africa. Her unique and vibrant art has been on exhibit around the world, and as an active member of the Society for Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators, she has attended numerous international workshops and conferences. In 2009 Melany co-founded Happy Artworks Studio, a collective of professional artists specializing in children’s book illustration.
Website: HappyArtWorks

The Black-Backed Jackal

Mikaela Keen

Mikaela has been a teacher for many years in both South Africa and in China. She also has a love for children and an interest in storytelling. She has been studying Chinese for many years, is a qualified teacher in Childhood Education, as well as in the field of English and Mandarin language teaching. She has recently received a scholarship to do her Masters in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages at Renmin University, Beijing.

The Black-Backed Jackal

Mila Allemann

Currently a middle school student at the French School of Beijing, Mila Allemann grew up between Beijing and Paris. She produced all the illustrations for the Swiss book of our picture books series, which her father then prepared in the form of traditional Swiss-style paper cut-outs.

The Devil’s Bridge

Natalka Stephenson

Natalka Stephenson is an artist and illustrator who has developed her talent at the prestigious Royal College of Art, London. Natalka has provided illustrations for the graphic novel Bloodcream, and a modern adaptation of the classic European Folk story Hansel and Gretel. She has recently made illustrations and developed the characters and story for a children’s television musical show, called Cydara.

Johnny Fruitcake

Ralu Illin

Ralu is a Romanian artist currently living in Beijing. Soon after graduating from the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, she came to Beijing after being invited to participate in the Third Beijing International Art Biennale. She is a member of the Romanian Artists Union since 2007, and has been involved in numerous national and international exhibitions. She works as an illustrator, stage designer and art teacher.
Website: RaluIllin.com

Little Vampire Dreams of Planes

Sasha Lewis

Sasha Lewis was born in London and has been living there since then. For the last ten years, he has worked as a sound engineer and also worked for three years with Disney, specifically on sound and effects of their recent films. Lewis is a new and upcoming children’s author. He is the author of the uplifting story In Bed Fred, to be published soon.

Johnny Fruitcake

Tomás Machado

Now based in Switzerland, Tomás graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, and studied comics illustration in France. He has also participated in the making of several short films and commercial breaks. Currently, he tends to focus on his painting and illustration work, displayed on: CargoCollective

John’s Balloon

Xiong Liang

A respected figure in the field of contemporary Chinese illustration, Xiong Liang is noted for his distinctive visual style, largely inspired from traditional ink painting. His works include adult graphic novels, children’s books, novels, plays, and modern ink paintings. The strong commitment to artistic freedom and experimentation which defines his work has earned him considerable praise in China and abroad.

The Solar Terms

Joung Yumi

Born in 1981, Joung Yumi studied at Kookmin University and at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. In 2009, her short animation Dust Kid was screened at the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight and over 50 other international film festivals, and received more than 10 international awards. Math Test (2010) was in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival, as well as her latest animation film, Love Games (2013).

The Tiger and the Parsimmon

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