Johnny Fruitcake • UK

Written by Sasha Lewis
Illustrated by Natalka Stephenson

This old folkloric story originated in the North of England. It was interpretated anew for Meridian by Sasha Lewis and Natalka Stephenson.

In a typical English cottage there lived a little family. One day, the little boy put a fruitcake to bake in the oven. But when he opened the door to see if the cake was ready, what a surprise to see the cake leap up, on little human legs, and jump out of the window!

The little cake then embarks on a wild adventure across the forest, in this jolly tale written like a nursery rhyme, and peppered with plenty of British humour.



Natalka Stephenson
Natalka Stephenson is an artist and illustrator who has developed her talent at the prestigious Royal College of Art, London. Natalka has provided illustrations for the graphic novel Bloodcream, and a modern adaptation of the classic European Folk story Hansel and Gretel. She has recently made illustrations and developed the characters and story for a children’s television musical show, called Cydara.

Sasha Lewis
Sasha Lewis was born in London and has been living there since then. For the last ten years, he has worked as a sound engineer and also worked for three years with Disney, specifically on sound and effects of their recent films. Lewis is a new and upcoming children’s author. He is the author of the uplifting story In Bed Fred, to be published soon.

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