Little Vampire Dreams of Planes • Romania

Written by Codruta Birlea
Illustrated by Ralu Illin
Translated by Zhou Yueyue


Every child in the world, sooner or later, likes to hear vampire stories. But none of them should miss this new rendition of the theme!
One day, a little vampire decides to go visit the world of the humans his erudite uncle told him so much about, along with Fuuf, his fluffy pet owl. His dream is to finally see a plane up-close. On his trip, he will meet a world chaotic and disturbing, but he will also meet his first friend.
This charming and colorful story reminds one of what it feels like to discover the wide, wide world as a child.


Ralu Illin
Ralu is a Romanian artist currently living in Beijing. Soon after graduating from the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, she came to Beijing after being invited to participate in the Third Beijing International Art Biennale. She is a member of the Romanian Artists Union since 2007, and has been involved in numerous national and international exhibitions. She works as an illustrator, stage designer and art teacher.

Codruţa Bîrlea
Codruţa was born in a Romanian family famous for literary achievements. She has been writing short articles and poems from the age of 10, and won twice the Baia Mare Children’s Literature Award. Now a mother of two, Codruţa never fails to tell her children beautiful bedtime stories every night.

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