Miklos’ Adventures
• Hungary

Written and illustrated by Istvan Buzay
Translated by Can Ran


Much to the bewilderment of Chinese people, Western dragons tend to be evil, fire-breathing creatures—not exactly the life-bringing, auspicious totems found in China… In Hungary, these monsters are even worse: they have twelve heads, and they gobble up the sun, the moon and the stars!
Thankfully, a courageous young champion appears to teach them a few things, and marry a princess to boot. Istvan Buzay made use of typical Hungarian colours and graphic styles to design a stunning multicoloured work, full of visual boldness and humour.


Istvan Buzay
Born in Budapest, Istvan Buzay graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where he also obtained a post-graduate degree in painting. Noted for the distinctive style of his artwork, dramatic and featuring strong visual references to Eastern European graphic traditions, Istvan has already published a great many illustrations, collaborating with both magazines and publishing houses.

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