The Black-Backed Jackal • South Africa

Written by Mikaela Keen
Illustrated by Melany Pietersen
Translated by Huang Tongtong


The special link with nature, which the South African Semitic and Bushmen aboriginal communities preserve traditionally, is the focus and the starting point of this story.
In the local storytelling folklore, the fox is an animal testifying to the origins and the evolution of mankind since the dawn of times. The black-backed jackal, on the other hand, is cunning and deceitful, and thus generally plays the role of the villain.
They are not alone: in the firy sands of Africa, the sun itself is an important character; this story’s Son of the Sun personifies the human power to do good, and the pursuit of justice.


Melany Pietersen
Melany Pietersen is an internationally published artist currently residing near Cape Town, South Africa. Her unique and vibrant art has been on exhibit around the world, and as an active member of the Society for Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators, she has attended numerous international workshops and conferences. In 2009 Melany co-founded Happy Artworks Studio, a collective of professional artists specializing in children’s book illustration.
Website: HappyArtWorks

Mikaela Keen
Mikaela has been a teacher for many years in both South Africa and in China. She also has a love for children and an interest in storytelling. She has been studying Chinese for many years, is a qualified teacher in Childhood Education, as well as in the field of English and Mandarin language teaching. She has recently received a scholarship to do her Masters in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages at Renmin University, Beijing.

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