The Devil’s Bridge
• Switzerland

Written by Estelle Luo Bing
Illustrated by Mila Allemann


A legend full of the fragrance of bucolic life, and rich with the down-to-earth wisdom of the Alpine meadows… In the depths of mountainous Switzerland, some bridges were built in ancient times over such perilous ravines that they now look like the work of supernatural beings.
This legend tells of one such bridge, constructed by the Devil for the inhabitants of a little village. How convenient! But the first person to cross it would have to forfeit his own soul…
Young illustrator Mila blended traditional Swiss paper cut-outs and Oriental watercolour to depict this story, which resonates with the crystalline and moving ring of a shepherd’s tune.


This book was written, illustrated, and designed by the members of a cross-cultural family:

Estelle Bing Luo
Beijing-born Estelle Bing Luo is this book’s writer. A+Design agency co-founder, a designer, photographer and freelance writer, she wrote this story on the basis of a well-known folk tale from her husband Cedric’s native Switzerland. Former works in Chinese include Yi Ri Qian Nian (A Day of the Millenium).

Mila Allemann
Cedric and Estelle’s young daughter Mila is this book’s illustrator. Currently schooled at the Beijing French International Middle School, she grew up between Beijing and Paris. She produced all the illustrations in The Devil’s Bridge, which her dad then prepared for the book in the form of traditional Swiss-style paper cut-outs.

Cédric Allemann
Beijing graphic design agency A+Design co-founder Cedric Allemann is this book’s designer — but Cedric also managed the creative design of all our other “Fairy Tales of the World” picture books. Former publication projects include the Collected Poetic Works of Hermann Hesse, Siddharta, and Steve Jobs: A Biography.