The Tiger and the Persimmon • Korea

Written and illustrated by Joung Yumi
Translated by Xu Donghui & Zheng Suijun


It isn’t surprising that, as a country covered in forests, Korea would consider the tiger—king of the forest—as its foremost totem. In a land known as “the country where people speak of tigers,” the mothers of little children like to tell tales of big and ferocious striped felines. But whoever heard of a tiger so timorous as to be scared of… a persimmon?
In this book, award-winning young illustrator Joung Yumi draws the most endearing tiger you’ll ever meet, a round and peaceable creature scared of everything—including soft red fruits.
No doubt every reader, big and small, is in for a good laugh.


Joung Yumi
Born in 1981, Joung Yumi studied at Kookmin University and at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. In 2009, her short animation Dust Kid was screened at the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight and over 50 other international film festivals, and received more than 10 international awards. Math Test (2010) was in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival, as well as her latest animation film, Love Games (2013).

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