Dreams of an Insomniac

“Dreams of an Insomniac” — a crowdsourced and interactive performance, performed by Nadading and presented by the Meridian Club. Join in the fun!

Follow-Up: Revealing… a few Photos

A few photos from the Meridian Club event #5, “Revealing the Invisible.” All our thanks, once more, to Mr Nick Dudka for his fascinating presentation — but also to Michael’s faultless translation, to the Other Place for providing this great venue… and to all of you who attended our event!

Revealing the Invisible

As one of the predominant cultures of south-west China, Tibetan culture has a long and unique artistic and religious history, incorporating influences from India, Nepal, and other Chinese ethnic minorities. The Tibetan region is also among the main cradles of the sacred art of thangka. We are privileged to be led into this world by Mr Nick Dudka, an acclaimed thangka artist, who hails from Russia, and who has been studying and painting Tibetan thangkas for almost 30 years.

A few stories we’ve collected…

Here are some examples of the stories we’ve collected for our “Stories from the Crowd” project, as sent by our friends and loved ones (sorry, they’re mostly in Chinese for now, but we’ll try to translate them in English soon. Maybe. In any case, feel free to write us in English!)… Feel free to shoot us an e-mail or use our online form on the page to share your stories with us!

About “Stories from the Crowd”

You thought the Meridian Club was about speakers telling you the stories of their lives? Think again! This July, Meridian joins forces with Nadading, a young and dynamic theatrical troupe based in Beijing, to bring you “Stories From The Crowd” — a series of theatrical plays based on true stories… including your own.