[INSERT NAME HERE] Meridian Experimental Minifest

In order to give shape to our understanding of the word “experimental”, Meridian Space will open a platform for performers from different backgrounds and disciplines from October to November 2015, during which experiments on our senses will take place every week, as part of [INSERT NAME HERE].

Bob Ostertag @ Meridian Space

Coming soon at Meridian Space: Composer, performer, historian, instrument builder — Bob Ostertag tried his hand at many disciplines. Bob is currently in the middle of a one-year sabbatical from his university position at UC Davis to do a world tour.

“Lost Art” street art photo + graffiti exhibition

Photos and video from “Lost Art”, a street art photo and graffiti exhibition, currently ongoing at Meridian Space. Featuring specially-made art by Filippo Cardela and STU.

Video: Extrapolis – An interactive installation

Are you among the unlucky few who missed that extraordinary, three-day-long “Extrapolis” installation on display at Meridian Space a few weeks ago? Well, although we can’t make up for it, at least this video can give you a few snapshots of how cool it was.

Videos – Recital for Violin and Electronics

Videos from Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi and Guillaume Antonini’s amazing concert at Meridian Space, on June 5, 2015.