Screenings: UK Short Films @ Meridian Space

The GREAT British Online Film Festival presents a series of exclusive film screenings at Meridian Space In celebration of the inaugural GREAT British Online Film Festival, the British Embassy Beijing will be hosting a series of film screening events in partnership with Meridian Space, bringing audiences a taster of what’s on offer during the festival. […]

Interactive Performance: Synaesthesia

At the crossroads of art and science, dancers Adel Andalibi and Alessandro Rolandi, in collaboration with jazz trio SLOTH, will offer participants an immersive interactive experience at Meridian Space, celebrating the confluence of language, music, and choreography.

Movie Concert: The Sinophile’s Guide to France

SLOTH is a young trio of seasoned musicians, bound together by a deep love of jazz, poetry and improvisation: Laura Perrudin (harp, vocals), Florent Briqué (trumpet, effects) and Eric Perez (drums, vocals). On November 8th, as part of the Meridian Music and Film MiniFest, SLOTH will produce a live improvised soundtrack to an assortment of surrealist French and Chinese silent films.

Video – MIJI #19 featuring DEER

Videos from the MIJI Concert Series #19 at Meridian Space, on October 2nd, 2014. Featuring DEER (Hans Koch, Christian Müller and Silber Ingold), with Yan Jun 颜峻, Yan Yulong 闫玉龙, and Dudu 杜杜 (butoh).

Concert: Classical Guitar Recital

As a warm-up to their joint participation to an international guitar competition in the US, Yang Jie (杨杰) and Gao Rui (高蕊) will present a wonderful classical guitar recital at Meridian Space.