Meridian Day – Meridian Space Opening
Part 1: Inspiration. Lunch. Meditation

An account of the long-awaited 24-hr opening party of Meridian Space,
which took place from 9 a.m., Saturday April 19th, to 9 a.m., Sunday April 20th, 2014.

Breakfast Inspiration Talk
– Breakfast Inspiration talk: “The Design of Everyday Life”
with Wang Hui and Beatrice Leanza

Meridian Space architect and interior designer Wang Hui (王晖) presented a morning talk, in C&C Café, on the inspiration he gets as a designer from everyday life objects conceived by normal people, often in remote areas of China. He discussed these ways of bridging “high” and “low” culture with Beatrice Leanza (毕月), who jointly runs the Beijing-based cultural consultancy BAO Atelier.

– Tasty lunch set, by Fatface

After such intense intellectual activity, the mouth-watering lunch set prepared by east-meets-west caterers Fatface Dining (胖脸儿) was all the more welcome — and thus, highly successful.

– “Springtime in a Cup of Tea” – Tea Ceremony by Dong Quanbin and Cha Xiaoyin

That afternoon, in the Meridian Workshop, a dozen people had the chance to participate in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony organised by Dong Quanbin (董全斌), a master porcelain craftsman from Jingdezhen. They drank from some beautiful Song-dynasty-style tea sets that he created, while he prepared infusions of top-grade, first-harvest springtime tea, and shared some of his encyclopedic tea-lore.

Meanwhile, another well-known tea expert, Cha Xiaoyin (茶小隐) showed some of the photos she took on her quest for special teas around the country.


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