As we are now celebrating the first anniversary of Meridian Space (时差空间) —yes, it’s been one year already since our epic 24-hour-long opening! — we thought it might be a good idea to clarify what our main centers of interest will be in the coming year, so as to give you all, friends and followers, but also potential collaborators or event organisers, an idea of what to expect from us…

From now on, our focus will be on projects and events that fit into three main categories:

Meridian Borderline

A laboratory for contemporary art, music and film

Borderline is an ongoing series of events hosted or curated by Meridian 时差, dedicated to avant-garde and/or experimental sound, performance arts, visual arts, and indie cinema. Borderline events are occasions to explore new creative territories — and sometimes go a little insane.

Some of our upcoming events in this series:

MIJI Concert Series #23 - Apr. 24, 8 pm MIJI Concert Series #23 – Apr. 24, 8 pm
The MIJI Concert Series is back, for another experimental music performance taking place in a long rectangular room. Featuring Singaporean artist Yuen Chee Wai, and Beijing-based performers Yan Yulong and Liu Xinyu.
diners-3 “As If a Presence…” • Charlotte Guibé & Renbo exhibition – May 8 to 29
A cultural and interdisciplinary exchange between French writer Belinda Cannone, French visual artist Charlotte Guibé, and Chinese visual artist Ren Bo.
still-from-SET[ING] Peter Downsbrough: “On Experimental Film” – May 10, 5 pm
A screening of three of American visual artist Peter Downsbrough’s cinematic works, followed by a Q&A with the director.


Meridian Workshops

Innovative, cross-cultural learning

The workshops provided on a regular basis at Meridian Space are designed for children and grown-ups. Kids may learn more about the different cultures of the world thanks to courses based on the contents of the Meridian picture books, while adults will find chances to learn skills and crafts from different cultures thanks to the help of great teachers, often with an emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. Our workshops also include lectures and talks by authors and scholars.

Some of our past and coming workshops:

Henny’s Mazha Workshop – April 19

Fairy Tales Craft Workshop – April 25, 2 pm

Meridian Publications

New horizons in graphic arts publishing

Meridian Publications bring together top-quality, inspiring and innovative picture books and graphic novels for children and adults. Contents are either edited and curated by Meridian 时差 or translated, and may occasionally lead to exhibitions at Meridian Space and the production of related design items.

Fairy Tales of the World” collection

“The Solar Terms”, by Xiong Liang

“Leaf” by Ma Daishu – Illustration Exhibition

Thanks to all for your ongoing support and enthusiasm throughout the past year, and see you soon!

Throughout July and August, Meridian Space will be screening “Great Collaborations: Herzog/Kinski,” a series of films showcasing the fruitful — and explosive — partnerships between celebrated director Werner Herzog, and actor Klaus Kinski, enfant terrible of the twentieth-century German cinema.

In Herzog’s films, Kinski plays driven, passionate characters pursuing impossible dreams, who often end up losing their mind. The relationship between the actor and the director was equally volatile: arguments, violent clashes and even death threats abounded — the fact that Kinski might have been clinically insane is probably not incidental to this…

And yet perhaps thanks to the volcanic nature of their relationship, the five films they made together are unforgettable. Herzog successfully channelled Kinski’s mercurial temperament and offered him the most mesmerizing performances of his entire career.

In this retrospective, we will screen feature films (Aguirre – the Wrath of God, Nosferatu the Vampyre, Woyzeck, Fitzcarraldo, and Cobra Verde)  but also documentaries that will help us gain a better understanding of those two figures of German cinema, and how they worked together — Burden of Dreams, Portrait Werner Herzog, Kinski Paganini, and of course, Herzog’s My Best Fiend.


Tentative Program:

Sun. July 20
Aguirre, the Wrath of God

Thur. July 24
Burden of Dreams (documentary by Les Blank)

Sun. Aug 10
Nosferatu the Vampyre

Thur. Aug 14
Cobra Verde
My Best Fiend (documentary by Herzog)


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Meridian Day – Meridian Space Opening
Part 1: Inspiration. Lunch. Meditation

An account of the long-awaited 24-hr opening party of Meridian Space,
which took place from 9 a.m., Saturday April 19th, to 9 a.m., Sunday April 20th, 2014.

Breakfast Inspiration Talk
– Breakfast Inspiration talk: “The Design of Everyday Life”
with Wang Hui and Beatrice Leanza

Meridian Space architect and interior designer Wang Hui (王晖) presented a morning talk, in C&C Café, on the inspiration he gets as a designer from everyday life objects conceived by normal people, often in remote areas of China. He discussed these ways of bridging “high” and “low” culture with Beatrice Leanza (毕月), who jointly runs the Beijing-based cultural consultancy BAO Atelier.

– Tasty lunch set, by Fatface

After such intense intellectual activity, the mouth-watering lunch set prepared by east-meets-west caterers Fatface Dining (胖脸儿) was all the more welcome — and thus, highly successful.

– “Springtime in a Cup of Tea” – Tea Ceremony by Dong Quanbin and Cha Xiaoyin

That afternoon, in the Meridian Workshop, a dozen people had the chance to participate in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony organised by Dong Quanbin (董全斌), a master porcelain craftsman from Jingdezhen. They drank from some beautiful Song-dynasty-style tea sets that he created, while he prepared infusions of top-grade, first-harvest springtime tea, and shared some of his encyclopedic tea-lore.

Meanwhile, another well-known tea expert, Cha Xiaoyin (茶小隐) showed some of the photos she took on her quest for special teas around the country.


More Pics!

You wanted an opening?
There you go.

Meridian Day



A 24-Hour Opening Party

April 19th, 9 a.m. – April 20th, 9 a.m.
Meridian Space

Meridian aims at bringing together creative people from all time zones of the planet. To celebrate the opening of Meridian Space, from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th, we would like to invite you to join our opening party. It will last 24 hours.

Six acts, including two exhibitions, live music, great food, a talk, a screening… In a word, you will get to sample pretty much every sort of content that Meridian Space will be showing regularly, from now on.

No matter what your thing is, we are sure you will find it there, at some point. Just show up whenever you feel like it! We'll be there.



9.00 a.m.
— & Café opening

&cafe by Meridian+AND-01& Café is the result of a collaboration between Meridian Space and the artworks retailing company AND. Set inside Meridian Space, & Café provides a unique experience of excellent coffee and Chinese-style gastronomy.



10.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.
— Breakfast Inspiration, with Wang Hui

Wang Hui photoMeridian will invite designer and architect Wang Hui to have a very special breakfast with you at the & Café, and share with you his insights about the sources of his inspiration as a designer.

Topic: "The Design of Everyday Life" (bilingual)
Cover fee: 35 RMB, including a cup of coffee and a croissant. Seating is limited to 20 people. To book your seat and pay online, please click here.(or contact us)

An architect, urban planner, product designer and artist, Wang Hui is a prominent figure among young contemporary Chinese architects. It is largely thanks to him that Meridian Space exists in its present shape. In Beijing, he is particularly noted for his work on Zuoyou Café and Today Art Museum. The work he did on the design of Pingguo Primary School (Ali, Tibet) and of Lion Grove Garden (Suzhou) is part of the permanent collection of the National Art Museum of China. More about him on


12.00 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.
— Green Box Market and Lunch Buffet

In the Meridian Art Lounge, on the first floor, spotlights will shine over the artworks, books and other funky handicrafts which various creators are currently showcasing within their own personal green box.

At the same time, ABC Californian chefs from Fatface Dining will bring you tasty, healthy fare from the Golden State — a gastronomical melting-pot. The two brothers who founded Fatface, Hsu and Eric, were born in Taiwan and grew up in the US.

Because they believe in the insatiable curiosity of human taste buds, they created a kind of private catering that blends creative gastronomy with a distinct home-cooking feel.

Cover fee: The lunch buffet costs 100 RMB per person. It includes 7 courses of fusion cuisine, plus a soft drink, coffee or tea (click here for the whole menu). Please book your meal in advance before Thursday (17th), 12pm: click here. (or contact us)


3.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
— "Springtime in a Teacup" • Tea Ceremony

Forget about Confucius Institutes — Meridian wants to find modern ways of showing Chinese culture to the world.

Tea is an irreplaceable aspect of life in China, where springtime "new tea" is often sold at astronomical prices. This afternoon, Meridian will invite the renowned porcelain artist Dong Quanbin (董全斌) to come over specially from Jingdezhen, bringing with him some beautiful Song-dynasty-style tea sets that he crafted himself. He will prepare for you three infusions of top-grade, first-harvest springtime tea, and share with you much of his encyclopedic tea-lore.

Another well-known tea expert, Cha Xiaoyin, will talk about her quest for special teas all around the country; she will also contribute information and stories regarding the three kinds of tea served on this occasion. Bilingual event, on reservation only.
Cover fee: 200 RMB, including a tea pastry, and free personal samples of the tea enjoyed that day. Only 6 seats are available for booking. To book, please click here (or contact us)

Caomu zhi xiang  草木之香 (white tea)
Qingshan lvshui  青山绿水 (green tea)
Gushu chunyun  古树春韵 (black tea)



6.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.
— Meridian Dinner Set + Jazz Improv

After sunset, the C&C Park becomes a magical place. Dusk falls over the ancient roofs of Beijing's traditional courtyards, while a cool breeze whispers over the red bricks of these buildings that used to hum with the sound of big offset printing presses. As for our little patio, full of people enjoying the warm evening, it brings to mind some Mediterranean village plaza…

This is the time we will start providing you with a mouth-watering dinner set and irresistible drinks, designed specially for this evening. And we trust that you will revel in epicurean delights, and perhaps lose yourself in conversation in some corner or other of this old, but rejuvenated factory.

Cover fee: The fixed menu is 60 RMB per person (wine not included), on reservation only. Only 50 dinner sets are available. To see the menu, click here; and to book your meal, please click here. (or contact us)

Drinks: We will serve 6 different wines, red and white, from six different time zones. Special Meridian cocktails, mixed for the occasion, will also be available — as well as beer and soft drinks. 20% discount on all drinks during our opening.

B+ Jazz Trio Improv Performance
by Rani Géroult (vocals),
Nathaniel Gao (sax)
and Brandon Gaoiran (bass).

From 5 to 8.30, during dinnertime, the B+Jazz Trio will turn Meridian Space into their stage. They will perform three 20-minute improvised shows, in various locations of our Space, and will make sure they surprise you.

"Three lines meet. Three musicians invite the audience to visualize, through their common performance, the traits of a character drawn in space, and the living energies that define it. In this opening performance, the concept of "meridian" is expressed as a movement, and a celebration of the beauty of encounter — that of human beings meeting each other, in a common time and place."

No cover fee.


9.00 p.m. – 9.45 p.m.
— Screening: Life Cycles

Life CyclesAs a prelude to Meridian's future documentary screenings, and because we simply love bikes, we will show Life Cycles, a 2010 documentary by Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb.

A story of mountain bikes, riders, and adrenaline. Over the course of three years, Frankowski and Gibb filmed various personalities of the MTB field on their adventures around Canada, Japan, Iceland and the US — following them, but also the bikes they ride: how they are born, how they are ridden, and how they are eventually… destroyed.

If you've ever enjoyed the thrill of blindly racing down a steep and muddy forest trail on a mountain bike, this film is for you. And if not, it will probably convince you to give it a try someday.

No cover fee.


10.00 p.m. – 12.00 a.m. and beyond
— Sinotronics DJ Set

Sinotronics ( is a Beijing-based record label publishing contemporary music from & in China, with a strong emphasis on electronic sounds. For their first event in 2014, Charm will perform a hybrid live/DJ set incorporating sounds to be included on the forthcoming Sinotronics compilation CDs, followed by DJ of experimental electronica, dark ambient, and minimal techno from MMS + Menghan.

The show will take place in the Meridian Art Lounge, remodelled for the occasion… Just wait and see what kind of landscape one can create with all these green boxes. Show will go on well into the night, as long as there are people standing—so feel free to stick around, and have another drink! (But if so, please don't drive back home)

No cover fee.



Sat. 9.00 a.m. – Sun. 9.00 a.m.
— Joint Exhibition Xiong Liang + Théophile Seyrig

Throughout this Meridian Day, two special exhibitions will be on display at Meridian Space: three series of ink paintings by Chinese artist Xiong Liang; and a giant light installation produced for Meridian Space by French designer Théo.

 In the daytime, on the walls of & Café (ground floor) and of Meridian Studio and Meridian Workshop (first floor), Xiong Liang will be exhibiting three series of ink paintings — The Solar Terms, Nirvana Cave, and Flower.

At night, from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. the following morning, a light installation born from Théo's fertile imagination will be illuminating Meridian Space.

Exceptionnally, our venue will remain open to the public throughout the night, enabling Beijing night owls to enjoy by night the spectacular encounter of old industrial buildings, cutting-edge architectural design, and thought-provoking abstract art.

No cover fee.
The artworks can be purchased, please contact the Meridian team for details.

If you have any question, feel free to call us:
See you there.


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