INSERT NAME HERE Meridian Experimental Minifest (Music, Video & Film)

Meridian Space, Beijing • October 25th – November 21st 2015.

Minifest PosterDefining the term “experimental” can be a tricky business. Are we talking about content? Or about form? Is there anything left to experiment on? A multitude of questions arise if we mull over the term and the artistic practices that link experimental production whether in art, film or music.

In order to give shape to our understanding of the word “experimental”, Meridian Space will open a platform for performers from different backgrounds and disciplines from October to November 2015, during which experiments on our senses will take place every week, as part of [INSERT NAME HERE].

Between October 25th and November 21st, Meridian Space will let the artists themselves show us their vision through whatever media they choose, in the shape of samples. It may be a video installation, music performance or screening, or something else altogether.

Featuring: Cong Feng, Bruce Gremo, Shih-yang Lee, Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, Dirty Electronics, Bob Ostertag, CT-808, Ju Anqi, JDK-X, Deadly Cradle Death, Gabriel Duceppe, Kipp the Menace, Liu Xinyu, Garcia Frankowski, Elsie Yi Shen, Muted Rainbows, and many other great artists.

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» SAMPLE 1: Oct.25, 5 pm
Screening – Cong Feng’s “Stratum 1: The Visitors”
+ Audiovisual source code session – “On building an independent cinema local ecology”
+ Q&A


» SAMPLE 2: Oct.27, 8 pm
Multilayered improvisations: Shih-yang Lee x Bruce Gremo;
Phill Niblock x Katherine Liberovskaya

[UPDATE (24/10): THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT FRUITYSHOP (17 Dongsi Toutiao Hutong, Dongcheng district)]

» SAMPLE 3: Oct.28, 8 pm
Dirty Electronics Workshop – Experimenting with “Bed of Nails x Hard Drive”;
Performing “Hidden Sine” and “Light & Feathers”

[UPDATE (24/10): THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT AOTU STUDIO (No.67, Beixinqiao Toutiao, Dongcheng, Beijing)]

» SAMPLE 4: Oct.29, 8 pm
MIJI Concert Series #29 – Featuring Dirty Electronics, Bob Ostertag and CT-808

[UPDATE (24/10): THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT AOTU STUDIO (No.67, Beixinqiao Toutiao, Dongcheng, Beijing)]

» SAMPLE 5: Nov.06, 9 pm
Experimental electronics – JDK-X and Deadly Cradle Death

[UPDATE (02/11): THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE AT FRUITYSHOP (17 Dongsi Toutiao Hutong, Dongcheng district)]

» SAMPLE 6: Nov.07, 2.30 pm
Screening – Three Films by Ju Anqi

» SAMPLE 7: Nov.13, 9 pm
Ambient/Noise performance – Gabriel Duceppe and Kipp the Menace

» SAMPLE 8: Nov.15, 4 pm
Short films screenings – ‘Total’ Fragments

» SAMPLE 9: Nov.21, 6 pm
Live set & Video installations – Clash of Mediums

Photos from the double group exhibition/performance “In-Between You and Me” and “Blue Sky for Beijing”, which took place at Meridian Space on Dec. 27th, 2014. Featuring works by Christiane Huber, Enrique Lanz, Wolfgang Obermair, Jagrut Raval, and Helcia Cino.

Co-presented by Red Gate Residencies.

A Sensory Exploration of Body Expression and Music

By Adel Andalibi, Alessandro Rolandi, and SLOTH

At the crossroads of art and science, performers Adel Andalibi and Alessandro Rolandi, in collaboration with jazz trio SLOTH, will offer participants an immersive interactive experience at Meridian Space, celebrating the confluence of language, music, and choreography.

The performers will investigate the relationship between imagery, music and human gestures, in search of a poetics of movement. The participant-audience will accompany the performers by exploring their own mindful movements and offering inspiration.

Adel Andalibi is an experience designer, interested in the sensory aspects of emotional communication. His practice connects the dots between visual ethnography, somatic psychology, and narrative analysis. He works as a consultant with creative organizations and individuals. More on

Alessandro Rolandi has been living and working in Beijing since 2003, as a multimedia and performance artist, curator, researcher, writer and lecturer. His work focuses on social intervention to expand art practice beyond existing structures, spaces and hierarchies, and engage directly with reality in multiple ways. He was nominated by the Global Board of Contemporary Art among the best performance artists for the Alice Awards 2011. Learn more about his projects on

SLOTH is a trio of seasoned musicians, bound together by a deep love of jazz, poetry and improvisation: Laura Perrudin (harp, vocals), Florent Briqué (trumpet, effects) and Eric Perez (drums, vocals). Individually or in other formations, they have won major jazz contests around Europe (such as the La Defense National Jazz Contest and the Vannes Jazz Contest), and played in many prestigious festivals.

Learn more about them, and listen to one of their tracks here.

COVER: 60 RMB online (click here!), 80 RMB at the door

slothSLOTH is a young trio of seasoned musicians, bound together by a deep love of jazz, poetry and improvisation: Laura Perrudin (harp, vocals), Florent Briqué (trumpet, effects) and Eric Perez (drums, vocals). Their music is a perfect combination of groove and delicacy — a poetic structure enriched with vibrating chords and skilful heads, underlayed with subtle brassy tunes. SLOTH likes to work with literature by putting to music texts like Maurice Rollinat’s, Jean Moreas’s and William Shakespeare’s.

Listen to one of their latest tracks, Smile:


Laura Perrudin’s career path is as eclectic as it is outstanding. Both harpist and singer, she likes to explore the possibilities of a richer harmonic language for her instrument. In 2008, string-instrument maker Philippe Volant specially created for her an entirely chromatic celtic harp. Together with Arnaud Merlin and Franck Bergerot, Perrudin won the La Défense National Jazz and the Vannes Jazz Contests. She has had the opportunity to work with various artists such as Steve Coleman, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens.

Along his way, Florent Briqué has met with great artists of the American and European Jazz (like Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, François Jeanneau) and taken part to famous festivals such as Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Umbria Jazz, Jazz à Vienne, Jazz à la Villette, Shanghai Music Festival, Hong Kong Jazz Festival.

Eric Perez has been on stage since he was 14 years old. A performer and composer, he wrote the original soundtrack of Sabine Samba’s choreographic play Si près, si loin. Perez won the 2009 La Défense National Jazz contest. While playing drums in the band Post Image in various French and foreign festivals such as those of Montreux, San Sebastian, Juan-les-Pins, Marciac or Dimajazz Constantine, Eric also keeps composing and exploring electronic and vocal possibilities.


On November 8th, as part of the Meridian Music and Film MiniFest, SLOTH will produce a live improvised soundtrack to an assortment of surrealist French and Chinese silent films.


TIME: Saturday, November 8th, 9 pm to 10.30 pm

VENUE: Meridian Space

COVER: 50 RMB online [book here], 60 RMB at the door

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