Last Thursday, major Guangzhou-based magazine City Pictorial (Chengshi Huabao) launched their latest iPad travel magazine, Chujing, at Meridian Space. Representatives from the Tourism bureau of various embassies were invited to participate in this corporate event, the first of its kind at Meridian Space.

A few photos from the Meridian Club event #4, “Calling All Creative Nomads!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, in the audience as well as in logistic support — especially our two brilliant translators, Michael and Sara.

Check out the works of our speakers:
– Steve Northcott’s “On the Beat and Path” series;
– Yu Ying’s “I’m not a Dreamer but a Doer“;
– Dorian’s “Random Brazil

The Meridian Club is back…
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Calling all Creative Nomads!

April 21st, 15:00-17:00
Tong Linge Church

Join us for the Meridian Club's Spring Party!
Have an afternoon tea, enjoy the spring sun,
and find inspiring ways to combine creativity with travel…


The Meridian Club invites you to a historic place where East meets West, hidden inside a church from the 1910s in Xicheng, Beijing, to hear about creative travel experiences, meet fellow nomads and exchange travel mementos.

We invited three friends of Meridian from three different countries to share stories of their creative travel. For them, travel is a way of life — not simply a holiday, or a way to take in local sights. They create while they are on the road, they create while they are in motion. They will talk about the creative projects they undertook while traveling.

Dorian (France) left a handful of dice decide upon his itinerary and photo-shooting locations in Brazil; while Steve (Canada) scoured five continents for two years recording the music and stories of the places he encountered; and Yu Ying (China) embarked on a sponsored journey around the world, in search of answers to a question: "What is your dream?"

Following these presentations and a Q&A session, we will hold a Travel Exchange, for everyone to swap travel books or mementos of their travels, and therefore get to know more and more interesting travelers.

We hope that this formula of sharing travel + creativity + inspirational experiences will help open a new window of possibility in your future travel life.

Travel Exchange: How it Works

  1. Bring any memento of your travels to exchange with others. It could be your used travel books and DVDs; a souvenir from a place you visited; or any other travel-related item.
  2. We will provide you with stickers to label your memento.
  3. At the Meridian Club event, exchange your memento for someone else's memento.
  4. Find the original owner at the event to hear their travel story and see a new place through their eyes.

To Register

When you RSVP at, please include your 1) name, 2) occupation, 3) countries you've traveled to, and 4) your cultural background.


Door ticket is 30 RMB and includes a drink (tea, coffee, beer). Special desserts from Meridian friends will be available for purchase.

Speakers' Backgrounds

Meet your fellow nomads who will share their creative travel stories:

Steve Northcott

Steve Northcott - On the Beat and PathSteve is a musician, comedian, filmmaker and travel writer currently based in Beijing, China. In 2010, Steve created an online travel documentary series about music called On The Beat and Path, in which he filmed his travels to 18 countries and recorded an album’s worth of music with artists all over the world.

Currently, he is continuing postproduction on music-based films and projects.

Dorian Cavé

Dorian - Caerbannog.frBorn to French and British parents, Dorian was bitten by the travel bug on his first trip out of Europe, around his 20th birthday. Since then, he has wandered around various continents and a few seas, while gravitating around two magnetic poles: the south of France, and Beijing, where he participates in the Meridian projects and events. A student of political science, he has worked in the field of environmental protection, and is now a freelance writer and translator. Some photos and texts from his travels can be seen on:

Yu Ying

余莹 《出发,和每个人谈一次梦想》Despite holding a Chinese passport (she was born in Chongqing), Ying has managed to travel around the world. From 2010, she spent two years finding sponsors to support her travel to 20 countries, in order to interview people about their dreams, which resulted in a book called 《出发,和每个人谈一次梦想》("I Am Not a Dreamer but a Doer" – 2012). Today Ying continues to write, shoot, and plan for an upcoming exhibition. She hopes that her project will inspire others to actively live in line with their values. Ying will discuss how she conceptualized and implemented her "Dreams" project from start to finish, including how she found sponsors.


Practical Details

Time: Sunday, April 21, 15:00 – 17:00
Location: Tong Linge Church, 85 Tonglinge Road (Metro Line 2 Changchunjie) – Map

  • 14:30-15:00 — Sign-in
  • 15:00-16:00 — Meridian speakers share their experiences
  • 16:00-16:30 — Q & A and audience interaction
  • After 16:30 — Travel Exchange, food and drinks

All our thanks to everyone at #85 Tong Linge
for their help and support.



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